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Green Eco-Friendly Natural Pest Control Solutions on Vancouver Island BC

Safe For Your Family, Pets, and the Environment

The use of pesticides has been with us for hundreds of years. Up until the last 75 years or so we used natures pesticides to our advantage to control insects, and behaviour knowledge, physical barriers, and trapping to control rodents. As the introduction of chemistry and knowledge of chemical compounds came to be, many synthetic pesticides and poisons were introduced. Primarily due to marketing and cost-effectiveness these products replaced previous methods of pest control. Unfortunately starting with the 60's crusades against DDT, it became apparent that these products could hold dire consequences for the health of "non-target" species and our environment in general.

Excel Pest Solutions Green on Vancouver Island

Over the last 15 years in the pest control field, I have used chemical products to control ants, spiders, bedbugs, moths, silverfish, beetles, mites, mice, rats, etc. It wasn't until the last year or so when I started to be exposed to some information that made me question if these products were in fact as "safe" as I was being led to believe by the companies producing and marketing them. I started to do my own independent research and discovered that for my own safety, that of my clients, and of the environment, I was no longer comfortable applying chemical sprays and placing rodent poison.

The most concerning of these products began to be rodent bait (poison). I learned that the mode of action was a dose of an anticoagulant, which causes internal bleeding, convulsions, and hemorrhaging,  and depending on dosage can cause a prolonged painful death. The research also presented facts about secondary poisoning. This is when the poison stays in the food chain and poisons and/or kills non-target animals. The most susceptible are birds of prey, mainly owls, but also eagles and other birds. Other animals that may run into a poisoned rodent, dead or alive, including dogs and cats can also, if consumed, fall ill to the effects of the bait.

Vancouver Island Green Pest Control

Because of this I began to research green methods and products. I found that solutions that fit into my new found moral dilemma were available. Resorting back to the tried and true methods from the past could be effective, much safer, and more humane. I began treating Carpenter Ants and Bed Bugs (considered the two hardest issues to resolve) with a fully green approach and had success! It took me a bit more time and effort, but it was worth it, I was protecting my health and that of my clients. Then I began to develop an idea for an outside trapping station that would take the place of outside poison stations, the industry standard for exterior pest control, which would remove my reliance on rodent baits. Finally, I had all the tools in my arsenal to continue in the pest control field free of guilt, and with a new found excitement for being a leader and expert in the emerging green pest solutions industry!

I encourage you to join me in a new era of green pest control by transitioning away from your existing poison based pest control service, and setting up a new account with Excel Pest Solutions Green!

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Excel Pest Solutions Green is a licensed, certified and insured pest control company owned and operated by Tod Dugas. We serve North Vancouver Island, the Discovery Islands, and the Gulf Islands. We specialize in green pest control services, using environmentally friendly products.

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Excel Pest Solutions Green is a member in good standing with the National Pest Management AssociationExcel Pest Solutions Green is a member in good standing of the Structural Pest Management Association of BCExcel Pest Solutions Green is a member of the Structural Pest Management Association of BC, and the National Pest Management Association.